an electronic portfolio for Buffy Cope


Why “Cope Aesthetic” ?
My name, Buffy Cope, is unique. For years I have heard every comment one might utter when they first hear it. Usually my response varies but sometimes I tell them, with a wry smile, “I can Cope with it”.

In addition to a wry sense of humor, I find witty expressions and double-entendres enjoyable. It is easy to see why I have an affinity for the phrase “everything is copesetic”.

Being a creative individual, aesthetics are an important element of my pursuits, some of which include explorations and adventures that expose me to sites few will experience in this world. In my travels, I photograph obsessively. Capturing images that allow me to relive the moment and to share the experience with others.

My perspective gives careful consideration to the subject I am capturing. How I compose a photo lends itself to the visual appeal. Fascinated by details others might not be aware of, even without a camera my eyes and mind are working to compose a scene. I’m not just working to find a good angle for a picture, when it’s right I feel it. With every new adventure, my art evolves to represent things I find interesting, beautiful, or emotionally evocative.

Given all of this, it made sense to mesh Cope with aesthetic when deciding what title to use for a site representing my creative works. My work should be seen, stir feelings or even conjure memories that remind the viewers of sensations experienced.

Need to know more?
I’ve provided definitions from to help define my concept.

A QUICK SIDE NOTE: Not all of the work posted here is purely from my own pursuits. Some of the work was at the direction of college professors for course assignments or done at the request of clients.


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